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Free Web Hosting

No Ads Reliable Free Hosting

The Chocolate package - FreeHostia's free plan, allows you to host 5 websites free. There are also low-priced upgrade options.

Free Linux Hosting

With FreeHostia's cluster-based web hosting platform each Linux server performs only specific tasks. There are separate servers for MySQL, e-mail, storage, etc, each optimized specially for the tasks that it handles, which guarantees optimal performance. Also, load is evenly distributed between all servers in the network.

Excellent Free Web Host

If you want a free web hosting company, which offers many features and has good uptime, you should definitely consider

Free Joomla Hosting

And if you need to create more than one website, keep in mind that FreeHostia's free hosting plan allows you to host up to 5 separate domain names. Each domain's content, so essentially each web site is fully independent from the others but they could all be managed from the same user-friendly web hosting control panel.

Good Free Hosting

The free hosting package allows you to host 5 separate websites in the same account. There are also inexpensive upgrade options.

Free phpbb Hosting

FreeHostia's free web hosting plan is optimized for phpBB3 and phpBB2 and you can get phpBB pre-installed with your free web hosting plan from FreeHostia for free.